Agility® Braces- Twin MBT Prescription Brackets Refill 5/pk

Agility® Braces- Twin MBT Prescription Brackets Refill 5/pk

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Agility® Twin

Made from 17-4 cast stainless steel, the Agility® Twin bracket system offers everything you need to realize accurate results. The single-piece pylon integrated construction offers a combination of quality and control in a bracket system that offers exceptional value. 

  • Center scribe line helps ensure accurate placement on tooth.

  • Torque-in-base enables level slot lineup and improved finishing.

  • Rhomboid low-profile design offers better positioning and bond strength.

The Agility® Twin Bracket System establishes a new standard for quality and reliability, offering all the advantages of a mini bracket with the control of a full size bracket.

The innovative design of the Agility® Twin Bracket System incorporates one-piece construction with a an integral pylon base with built in torque as well as all other popular features.

UR1+ 17°T+ 4°A.022

UR2+ 10°T +8°.022

UR3 HK -7°T+ 8°A.022

UR4 HK -7°T 0°A.022

UL1 +17°T +4°A.022

UL2 +10°T +8°A.022

UL3 HK -7°T +8°A.022

UL4 HK -7°T 0° A.022

LL3 HK -6°T +3°A.022

LL4 HK- 12°T 0°A.022

LR4 HK- 12° 0°A.022

LO1/2 -6°T 0°A